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I decided to create a website just to educate you all on everything you need to know about 72ig.

In this blog, I have explained everything concerning the 72ig implementation program and expertnaire Affiliate marketing as a whole.

Is the 72ig or 72 Hours Income generator program really worth the prize and hype?

Before I begin telling you everything about the expertnaire 72IG implementation program, let me tell you my short story.

I got to know about the 72IG implementation program since 2020. I delayed because I wanted to know more about the platform before I register.

Well, that was my biggest mistake in 2020 because I would have earned more than I have earned, if I had taken the bold step to start earlier.

Nevertheless, I have made over N1Million on Expertnaire through the sales of digital products including the 72ig income program.

I have also made lot of money on other Affiliate Platforms such as Affnaija, wakanda, naira4all, NNU and others but that’s by the way.

However, some people have registered on this same program but have not gotten any sales, and infact,they regret it.

I will tell you the pure fact, I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. A few people have failed in this affiliate marketing.

Below are some of the reasons why they failed to make sales.

  1. Joining without a mentor
  2. There’s this popular saying.

    “Follow who know road”
    This is pure fact. You need a mentor. Not just a mentor but a mentor that has so much experience in Affiliate marketing.

    Ignore those people who are asking you to join the expertnaire 72IG program just because they want to get commission from your registration and not to teach you how to boost sales and make money.

    You mentor shouldn’t be a newbie.

  3. Lack of digital marketing skills
  4. This can be part of the mentorship I’ve talked about.

    You need to have marketing skills so you can be able to sell the expertnaire digital products.

    Digital marketing skill is just targeting products to those who are interested in purchasing them.

    For instance, if you want to sell a medical textbook, I believe you will go to a medical school and advertise it to those medical students.

    You won’t go to engineering faculty to sell medical textbook right?

    This is what digital marketing is all about. Displaying your products to those who are interested.

    All these are things I personally teach the people I mentor under this 72IG implementation program.

    You can also access a lot of digital marketing skills when you join the 72IG income generation program.

  5. Laziness
  6. This is the number one factor that causes poverty and stagnation.

    There’s this other saying.

    “where person work, na where he go chop”

    You can be mentored by the best Affiliate marketer in the world and still fail to make any sales if you are lazy.

    Laziness as in the inability to practice what your mentor has taught you.

Enough of the talks, let’s go into the topic proper

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply getting a commission for selling someone else’s product.

Let me give you a short example.

You want to sell your mobile phone for 100k.

I decide to help you sell your phone, but here’s what I did.

I sold your phone to a buyer at a prize of 150k, then I gave you 100k and kept 50k to myself.

Now I have gained a 50k Commission which is a 50% commission.

This is simply what Affiliate marketing is all about.

What is Expertnaire?

I have explained what Affiliate marketing is.

Now, what is expertnaire?

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing platform where users can sell expertnaire digital products and earn some commission after sales.

Now, in the case of expertnaire, these products are digital, not physical. Digital products includes online courses, ebooks, PDF and more.

Therefore after registering on Expertnaire, you are eligible to sell their products and earn Commission.

How does the 72IG implementation program work?

The full meaning of 72IG is 72 Hours Income Generator.

If you didn’t know, now you do!

Well, 72IG implementation program is a step-by-step training course on how to boost sales and generate great income as an affiliate marketer.

It simply teaches you how to market and sell digital products.

Now, selling a digital product isn’t like selling a physical product where you go about knocking from house to house begging people to buy your products, maybe shoe or cloth.

You can sell digital products online to people you do not even know.

Everyday, a lot of people are searching online to find quality digital products that teaches them things such as weight loss remedy, how to make skin care products and more.

So you see, if you target your expertnaire products to those who are interested in it, you will make so much sales that will shock you!

Now, here are the several ways in which this 72IG implementation program teaches you.

  • A step-by-step series of videos that tutors you on how to market your digital products
  • Using PDF which you can download and go through.
  • Online classes every Wednesday where you get the chance to ask many top Affiliate marketers questions and get instant replies.

The 72IG course was created by Toyin omotoso, and it might interest to know that he is also the owner of the expertnaire Platform.

Now, here’s something you need to Know about expertnaire and the 72IG implementation program course.

To register on Expertnaire costs only N10,000 but registering on the 72IG implementation program costs N60,000. This N60,000 includes an automatic N10,000 expertnaire registration.

Now, what’s the difference between registering with 10k and registering with 60k?

The differences are listed below:-

  • If you register directly on Expertnaire with 10k, you won’t have any access to the 72IG courses.
  • If you register directly on Expertnaire with 10k, you won’t be able to join the Facebook group, you won’t be able to join the online meetings every Wednesday
  • Now, this last point is very important.

    If you join expertnaire directly, using N10,000 ,you will get only a 25% commission for selling digital products instead of the 50% commission you are supposed to earn when you join through the 72IG implementation program for N60,000

Let me explain this last point very well with an example.

My life example.

In 2020, I heard of the expertnaire and 72IG course but I was doubting it so I decided to register directly for N10,000 instead of N60,000. I thought I was wise.

But then, guess what happened?

I made about 5 sales of the “72IG course with N60,000” the first month I started.

I got a 25% commission on each sale, which is N15,000.

Now , let’s multiple this N15,000 by five because I sold it to five people.

N15,000 X 5 = N75,000.

Therefore, I made N75,000.

Now, imagine if I had registered using 60k, which makes me get a 50% commission instead of the 25% commission I got.

50% commission of 60k is 30k.

I sold it to five people. let’s multiply 30k by 5, this is 150k.

Hence, I earned only 75k when I should have made 150k.

Therefore I lost 75k simply because I was trying to be wise, and I wasn’t bold enough to take that Risk!

After figuring this out ,I joined the 72IG implementation program and that was how I made more than N 1 million.

Benefits and contents of the 72IG implementation program

You might want to have a look on what the 72IG course contains before jumping into it.

Now, there are two categories under this course. These are:-

  1. The 72IG WhatsApp income generator
  2. The 72IG implementation program 2.0

The first one is something you can implementation for free while the second one might need a little amount of money to run paid ads.

The good thing is that, you can make hundreds of thousands of naira after learning the first (free) stuff.

As usual let me explain each of these two categories I listed above.

The 72IG whatsapp Income generator

In this category, you will be taught how to sell products through your WhatsApp, of course, after learning how to gain lot of contact list and boost your status viewers.

This is completely free after registering for the 72IG course for 60k.

Now, there are 3 modules in this training

  • Module 1 has 3 videos
  • Module 2 has 5 main videos and 3 other tutorial videos and PDF
  • lastly, Module 3 has 2 videos

All these will be explained to you when you chat me up using the WhatsApp chat at the bottom of your screen.

72IG implementation program 2.0

As the name implies, 2.0 is the second version of the first WhatsApp income generator.

The main difference is that, this one might require little funds for adverts on Facebook or Instagram.

that’s true

hello this is a letter

  1. Register
  2. Login

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